Boomtown - Chapter 10: The Machine Cannot Be Stopped

I went to my first Boomtown last year after years of wanting to go an for various reasons unable to make it... Anyway, what to say other than it was a little nuts!!

So this is what you have to look forward to this year...


I honestly don't know where to start. This a festival for eclectic music.
- This is Gorillaz only festival appearance this summer so that could be something special.
- Goldie and his orchestra is something else
- I've heard great things about Shy FX's Cult.Ure too. 

Here are a few of a the stage breakdowns. 

Last year I spent a lot of time in Dstrkt 5, Sector 6 and the Wild West, checking out a lot of drum & bass and breakbeat. 

I know for certain there is a lot of hype around Deekline & Wizard teaming up for a DJ session, Pyramid & Far Too Loud going back to back, plus Aquasky will be back with Raga Twins. 

Honestly I don't know who to be picking out from this line up, but let me know your thoughts...