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El Hornet - Drum & Bass Classics Mix

Do you want to hear something postivitly reflective of drum & bass culture? Then you need to get your ears around this. Essentially it is El Hornet (from Pendulum) in front of his record collection winging it. Recorded from vinyl and most of the records are from 1998 - 2003. 

In 1998 I started buying drum and bass records. Like so many DJ’s in that time period I spent all my money on records. It was everything to me. That weekly fix of vinyl…..they called it ‘black crack’ and it was as strong as any drug. Sometimes I choose records over food, or rent, or fuel for my shitty car. I had to have more records. It was the only way to own this music for the most part. No mp3 shops, very few cd releases. I had to have it.

In 2003 I moved to England with Pendulum and life changed forever. I left those records in Australia, but shipped them over to England after about 7 years. 700kg of vinyl on a ship. It took 6 weeks. I did a mix a while ago with those records that includes most of my favourite tracks from 1998-2003. There is 61 tracks and it goes for about 2.5 hours. You can listen to it here if you like. - El Hornet

Hybrid - My Dirty 'Chinese Laundry' Wash..

I posted the Hybrid ‘Black Treacle’ mix about a month ago which is just sublime and now they have posted a three and a half hour treat, live and direct from Chinese Laundry, in Australia. 

Only listened a little glimpse so far but I know this is going to be epic. 

Get on it, stream / download / bake to this mix. 

El Hornet (Pendulum) - Mixtape 001

Just downloaded this and funk me!! He goes in. 

Recorded Nov 2012, at the Yost Theatre in Santa Ana, CA, this is one big dnb mix. Not only that you can even go old skool and buy the mix tape (I have). 

*** BLURB ***

MIXTAPE 001 PROJECT IS LIVE. I made some tapes. Real tapes. Cassette tapes. Mixtapes!! 300 copies. Hand numbered!

Recorded at the Yost Theatre in Santa Ana California in November 2012. Myself and Verse, DJ SET. Get one on my site or try catch me at a show, I toss them into the crowd sometimes. You can download the mix free or you can send me £2 for postage and I’ll send you a tape (eventually!!).